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In order to get there, you need to disconnect from thoughts entirely-and in this respect at least, the sound bath succeeded where everything else has failed for me. The sound reverberated through my body in such a way that my mind simply couldn’t distract itself.

I must have fallen asleep at some point, because when I woke up everyone else was preparing to leave. And as I floated down the street towards the station, my mind felt oddly quiet. Sometimes you have to let some sound in to drown the other noise out.


(Women’s Health)

Thank you so much from the bottom of my heart for the wonderful sound healing, massage, reiki and wisdom you shared with me in the sessions.  I felt truly ‘held’ and ‘met’ in this healing experience, which goes far beyond where words can reach. 
These sessions helped me receive, let go and find a deeper connection within myself onwards.  
I highly recommend a session to anyone thinking about it!’

- Rosanne A - ( School Teacher )



Listen to Chai's magical playing, described as "caramel for your ears" as you wind down

- Crystal sound lounge -



"I love these sounds.  I could listen to them all day long. The music of another world without limits. During the session, I only experienced the beginning, scratched the surface of that world. But I know there is so much more, waiting to be discovered, waiting to erupt. Without words."

Marco L. ( Singer Songwriter )

‘A blissful Sound Immersion journey, where mind met the spirit and soared, reaching a place of peace and truth.  A truly incredible experience which left me with a feeling of gentle euphoria for several days after.  I don’t think it gets much better than that.  Simply beautiful.’

The greatest appreciation for you


Clarisse B  (Kindred Spirit)


Thanks  Chai. here my feedback:


The first and perhaps most important aspect of sound healing is the compassionate nature of the therapist. 

Chai is warm, attentive and genuinely interested in your wellbeing , talking though any issues and easing you into healing, 

I found that I was totally transported to a peaceful place full of waterfalls and birds singing.

It was a welcomed escape from a hectic London lifestyle- and how lucky we are to have a way of freeing ourself right here in the city.

I would highly recommend this humbling experience. 


Monica S. ( Journalist )



My sound healing treatment with Chai was a wonderful experience which brought me to a place of deep peace and 'oneness'. During the healing, I felt the gentle vibration of energy through my body which brought me to a beautiful state where I felt I was 'weightless' and gently floating above my body. Amazing! The massage also increased my levels of relaxation and calmness bringing warmth to my entire body. Highly recommended!''  


Lisa ( Primary school teacher )                                                                                                                                                                               Hi Francesco Chai,

thanks for the treatment session , I feel I will be processing that for a while..feel v privileged to have experienced . Near the end of the session was such a great sensory and Archetypal imaginative experience which made me smile. BEAUTIFUL ! And a sense of movement and freedom on many levels .And also a real feeling of air and breeze and landscape evoked in mind journey.

Wonderful ..wonderfull ..that u can bring such nature power into a space.


 Sara Hodges ( Gardner )



'I went for some healing sound therapy massage with Chai Francesco yesterday. Was flipping amazing. If you're in the london area and fancy trying something a little but different, look him up!'


Milly Hill ( Public Relation ) 



Chai offers a strong but kind physical presence, transmitting a sense of trustworthiness. The treatment felt like a journey, a holding and containing one. In the first part of it, by receiving body massage, I released physical tension while in the second part Chai offered me balancing and grounding. The final part of the session, through the sound vibrations, brought me into a level different from my everyday reality. The session allowed me to reach a deep sense of relaxation'


Fede Dalla Vecchia  ( Art Therapist )



'Since I had never tried any of these treatments before, I didn’t know what to expect and I felt a bit tense at the beginning. With the massage I started to relax my body and let all the tensions go away, so that when I started the Reiki session, I was completely at ease. I could feel the energy flow and I started an inner journey, which culminates with the sound healing. At this point, I was ready to fully enjoy the vibrations created by so many different sounds. I could feel peaceful, light, and in harmony with the world. It was  a great experience that I will surely recommend'


Elisa Zanoni  ( Translator )


We felt utterly relaxed post-sound bath, to the point that we were honestly a little dazed. Getting on a tube home felt like a battle - so we wouldn’t recommend doing this right before needing to be energetic.

All of us reported improved sleep that night, a sense of a calm, and a feeling that we’d escaped our worries and stresses for a bit .


( Metro 2018 ) 

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