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Sound healing Massage


Sound has been used by every culture from every age to not only worship and praise the divine, but to heal, strengthen, rejuvenate and restore us physically, spiritually, mentally and emotionally. We know from our own experiences the power of music and sound in our lives, and how particular tones and rhythms help to bring more health, vitality and clarity into the physical and mental bodies, unlocking the emotions and the creative spirit.


(Sound as medicine)

Hi, welcome to my site,


my name is Chai Francesco I am a qualified (insured) sound therapist, Reiki and massage practitioner


- MA in Music, from The Guildhall School         Of Music & Drama


- Practitioner Diploma in Sound Therapy,

  Academy of Sound Healing, British Complementary  Medicine Association


 - Practitioner Diploma in Chair/Seated              Acupressure On site Massage, 

   Gateway Workshop 


- Certificate in Reiki Level 1 & 2

        City Lit


- Certificate in  Thai yoga massage                      City LIt 


I offer private One to One healing sessions and group Sound Baths


I have a therapy room in Oval London Sw9 or I can travel to your home or work place.

Visiting Practitioner at The London Royal Hospital for Neuro Disability


I also run classes and workshops on Meditation and self healing,







Sound Healing Massage is particularly indicated for:


- Insomnia and sleeping disorders

- Anxiety

- Panic attacks

- Depression

- Hemicrania

- Stress

- PTSD (Post Traumatic Stres Disorders) 

Chronic Fatigue

- Physical pain

- Arthritis

- IBS (Inflamed Bowel Syndrome)

- Digestive disorders

- Emotional Imbalances

- Thyroid

- Tinnitus

- Post-Operative Care

- Pre and Post Natal Care


The Sound healing Massage helps to release tension and blockages, and to realign and restore the natural flow of normal healthy frequency within and around the body.




Instruments for Sound Bath & Massage:


Crystal & Himalayan singing bowls,Tuning Forks, Gongs, Native American Drums,Voice, Shakers




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